Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Private Jet Cargo Charter Flights at discount prices!

We arrange private jet cargo flights a all our destinations to enable our clients to select the precise aircraft they need to move important and urgent freight quickly, from the point of origin to the exact destinations they prefer.

We have access to private passenger and cargo aircraft in all categories, from turbo-prop airplanes, light jets, medium jets and heavy jets, as well as helicopters of all sizes. Many aircraft can be quickly reconfigured from passenger seating to cargo handling if required.

The air cargo flights can be for one-way or round trip flights for any volume and weight of cargo you need to transport.

All air cargo flights are arranged with the utmost security, safety and can be supplemented with additional land arrangements, including pickup and/or destination delivery services desired, from packaging, pickup, loading, customs declaration, customs clearances and off-loading at the destination.